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Tim and Liz Cawthon have been coming to our church once a year for about 4 years now. Tim has a beautiful voice and Liz harmonizes. They sing a down home type style of music. The people here love them very much. Tim is also a very good speaker. We enjoy having them minister to us.

Ruth Daily, Former Pastor, Silver Creek Foursquare Church, Douglas, Arizona


We were blessed to have The Cawthons with us for a revival in 2016. Their singing blessed all of the people. Tim's preaching was timely and enjoyable. The children got involved in the services and the spiritual results were great. We look forward to having them back in the future to minister to this congregation.

David Brewer, Former Pastor, Benton Foursquare Church, Benton, Arkansas


I have known Brother Cawthon for approximately 12 years. I met him at a Men's Prayer Breakfast in our community. He and his wife have ministered in music at our church and for 6 years has held revival services for us. Rev Cawthon is a man of God with the highest integrity. He is a very honest man. He is also anointed. When he preaches, he preaches the Word - not just a bunch of hype, but the pure simplicity of the Word. He treats the people with pure love and sincerity. I highly recommend both him and his wife to minister in any church.

Michael and Pat Velie, Former Pastors, 66th Street Worship Center Church of God, St Petersburg, Florida ... Retired

As a Pastor I receive many requests from folks wanting to come and minister at our church. As a result of that, it is vitally important that the ministries that come love God and also love the people. The Cawthons do just that. I am greatly impressed by their humility and desire to see God move by His Spirit every time they come to Christian Fellowship Church. I highly recommend them and know you would be blessed by both their anointed preaching and heartfelt music.

Steve and Joni Gulbronson, Pastors, Christian Fellowship Church, Largo, Fl


I have had the pleasure and blessing of knowing Tim and Liz for over 16 years. During this time, I have enjoyed their ministry as they allow God to use them to inspire and minister to congregations I have pastored in Louisiana, Mississippi and South Georgia, with exemplary conduct and impact through the Preached Word and Song. The genuine concern for the last-days ministry is easily seen in the ministry of this couple. Their desire to make a difference in the lives of people drives them to embrace commitment with the utmost of sincerity and to stretch themselves to the task God lays out before them. In spite of the hardships or challenges which are common to evangelists in this day, you can see they are ready and willing to go where God will lead or oepn a door for them. Throughout the ten years plus in which I have known Tim, I do not recall any time where he stated any concern about a lack of financial support or the possibility of allowing it to dictate failure to fulfill his call. He has never complained, only looked forward to the next service with anticipation and hope of a powerful manifestation of the Spirit of Almighty God. I am sure that any congregation will truly be blessed to have this couple minister to them through anointed preaching of the Word and through song.

Tim and Judy Fulmer, Pastors, Manningtown Church of God, Jesup, Georgia

Brother Tim and Sister Liz are ordinary people doing what God has called them to do. Faithful, persevering and a dedicated Man of Valour and Woman of God. We believe they are driven by a love for Jesus, His people and His church. We are honored to know both of them.

Jerry and Belinda Holton, Pastors, Out of Your Comfort Zone Tent Revival Ministries, Baxley, Georgia


Brother Tim Cawthon has spoken at our church and conducted Revival Meetings at our church about five times. We have found his preaching to be very biblical and helpful. His ministry has helped many people in our church fellowship. I would recommend his ministry to anyone.

David H. Meadows, Former Pastor, Christian Chapel Foursquare Church, Wichita, Kansas ... Retired


I have known Brother Tim and Sister Liz since 2008 and have had them in revival services and ministering in music for 7 years and this year we will have them again. These two people are most talented and Brother Tim has had a remarkable improvement in his ministry from the first time that I heard him. I know that we should give people flowers while they are living but I must say these two are most deserving of this comment. I treasure both as dear friends in Christ. They are real. Today, sorry to say, we have so many that are counterfeit. I am so excited about Brother Tim's advancement in Christ.

Carolyn Sue Day, Former Pastor, New Beginnings Tabernacle, Rayville, Louisiana

I recommend Tim Cawthon as a man of God who allows the Holy Ghost to flow through him for the benefit and edification of the body of Christ. Brother Tim and Sister Liz have preached meetings and revivals in "The House of Grace" for the past 16 consecutive years. I have found him to be an honest and outgoing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ with a real desire to see souls added to the Kingdom of God, who works well within a wide range of denominational and independent churches.

Roger and Jane Temple, Pastors, House of Grace, Delhi, Louisiana


We have enjoyed and been blessed by Brother Tim and Sister Liz for many years. We pray God will continue to give them health and strength to keep lifting up the Lord.

George W. Plants, Former Pastor, Jennings Church of God, Grantsville, Md


I have had the privilege to call Brother Tim a personal friend since 2009. Not only is Brother Tim a friend, he is a Man of God that has a true heart for ministry. Brother Tim and Sister Liz have ministered in our church on several different occasions. Each time, Brother Tim has brought forth an anointed and timely word from the very throne of God. From the moment I met him, my spirit bore witness with him and his ministry in music and preaching. He has always been sensitive to the leading of the Spirit. He has also yielded himself to the authority of my pastoral leadership while in ministry at the church. I am confident in Brother Tim's ministry and I have already booked him for a future revival. I high recommend him for any ministry opportunity the Lord would have for him in any pulpit.

Jeff and Brandy Brooks, Pastors, Banner Church of God of Prophecy, Golden, Mississippi

I have known Brother Tim and Sister Liz for many years. Brother Tim has preached several revivals in our Baptist Church and is always asked to come back by our congregation. Brother Tims preaching is that of the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Brother Tim and Sister Liz are awesome prayer partners and dear friends.

Chuck Moffett, Pastor, New Bethel Baptist Church, Nettleton, Mississippi

New Mexico

Tim and Liz Cawthon have ministered in our church in Florida for six years and now for two years in New Mexico. They are very sincere, allowing the Holy Spirit freedom, whether ministering in music or the Word. The people were greatly blessed, with healings in numerous ways.

Owen and Ethel Conard, Former Pastors, Lighthouse Chapel Foursquare Church, Elephant Butte, New Mexico ... Retired


Tim Cawthon has been a friend and favorite of Plus or Minus 60, a daily Christian television program in the Canton area, for a period of approximately 10 years. More recently, he has been an intricate part of the program replays on our internet, www.faithministryradio.com and WJDD 90.9, and WJEE 90.1 Bolivar/Canton radio simulcasts. We have found him to be an excellent evangelist and musician during our programs, including our telethons and fund-raisers at various times of the year. He has been on hand to preach powerful Gospel messages with truth and Biblical accuracy. Tim has been highly acclaimed by our viewing audiences for his style, powerful delivery, and depth in teaching. Our audiences have enjoyed his ministry of music through the years and always look forward to his return trips. We highly recommend Tim as an evangelist and musician, and can assure you that he will always do his best to serve the interests of Christ as well as the Christian community, in any situation. His wife Liz also is a large part of the ministry.

Denny and Marge Hazen, Plus or Minus 60 Television Ministry, Canton, Ohio

I have been a Salvation Army Officer, Minister, for 20 years with several appointments throughout Ohio. Tim has been ministering to my congregations for the past 15 years through a variety of meetings. Many souls have been converted by Christ's saving grace through the gospel presented by Tim. His unique style and communication during worship personalizes the message of Jesus and helps those in attendance feel close to Him. I fully support Brother Tim being added to any evangelists list. Thousands of souls will feel the tug of Jesus upon their hearts when Tim speaks and they too will know the joy of being added to God's Golden Roster in Heaven.

Robert Sears, Former Major, Salvation Army, Elyria, Ohio

We love Four HIS Glory Ministries, they are a blessing to us and our congregation. Beautiful and Godly people, and they have a wonderful spirit filled music and Word ministry. We highly recommend them to any church.

Terry and Peggy Hoffman, Lighthouse Church of God, Powhatan, Ohio

The Cawthon‘s have been a wonderful blessing to our congregation. Their ministry is one of encouraging and uplifting and proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel. Tim and Liz are two of the most down to earth God-fearing people I know. I highly recommend their ministry for your church for services, revivals, or however the Lord would have you use them.

Michael Strange, Pastor, Bethany Assembly of God Church, Parma, Ohio

Tim and Liz came to our church with my wife and I having never heard them. I suppose every pastor would be somewhat concerned in that case but with Tim and Liz we had nothing to be concerned about. Their anointed singing blessed our church. When Tim ministered it was refreshing that he didn't try to usurp authority or try to prove his opinion. He preached the Word and backed it up with the Word. Greatly appreciate their ministry and the fellowship we had with this great couple.

Anthony and Cami McKinney, Pastors, Believers Assembly Church, Beach City, Ohio

We count Tim and Liz as part of our church family. For years they have been willing to share with us the week before Thanksgiving. Their music has an ability to walk you to the throne of God, and with the addition of Tim Jr., it draws our people even closer to God. They have also held a weekend revival services with us. Tim's preaching is truly anointed by God. We highly recommend them for ministry in any church.

Mike Ward, Pastor, Springdale Evangelical Friends Church, Cadiz, Ohio


Brother Tim and Sister Liz Cawthon have been guests at the GracePointe Community Church and have been scheduled for meetings with us next year. They are well received and liked by the congregation. Their ministry of music and preaching delivers a message of hope and inspiration. I would certainly recommend them as capable evangelists and musicians. Any pastor who utilizes them will find their warm and welcoming presence a real blessing to their congregations.

Lucille Shilling, Former Pastor, GracePointe Community Church, Freeport, Pennsylvania ... Retired

The Cawthons are a wonderfully gifted and anointed family. I have known the Cawthons for nearly 40 years now and they have ministered in the churches I have pastored. Whether they are singing or preaching the gospel, their main goal is to glorify Jesus, win lost souls and encourage the believers. Their Spirit filled and Spirit led ministry will be a great blessing to your congregation.

Frank C. Menhart, Jr., Pastor, Blaineburg Bible Church, West Brownsville, Pennsylvania

We welcome The Cawthon Trio singing and ministering twice a year and look forward to every occasion they visit our church with the JOY of the Lord in their hearts. Isaiah 6:8 “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me”. And so it was, the Cawthon's have never looked back, but set their eyes focused on the path Jesus put them on.

Steve Walters, Pastor, Cedar Avenue Bible Church, Sharon, Pennsylvania

I have known Tim and Liz Cawthon for many years. Tim has held revivals for me, and has done special services as well. Tim and Liz minister in song and The Word, as well as praying in the altars for those in need. I have scheduled them for December 2019, and would recommend them to minister in any church.

Richard Berkey, Pastor, Rolling Meadows Church of God, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

South Carolina

I recommend Brother and Sister Cawthon as evangelists. I met them about 15 years ago and had them come to our church to preach revival services. At one of the revivals the children at the church became very aware of the presence of God and came to the altar. Many of them received Jesus as Lord and Savior. The adults and the children enjoyed the preaching and the singing. We were all impressed by the integrity of this ministry couple. I was also impressed with their honesty, reliability and passion in preaching the truth from God's Word. Any church will enjoy having them come to minister.

Judy Hogan, Former Pastor, Union Foursquare Church, Union, South Carolina ... Retired


I recommend the ministry of Tim, Liz and Tim Jr, to anyone who wants to hear the uncompromised Word of God, be inspired and encouraged, and want to hear good music. They have been good and faithful friends to me, but more importantly, faithful to the calling upon their lives to share Jesus with the world! Make sure you put them on your schedule.

Kevin Shorey, Evangelist, Nashville, Tennessee

West Virginia

Tim and Liz have been associated with New Day for many years, and, their ministry has proven to be a blessing time and again. They are extremely cooperative and respectful as they minister. They are rock solid in their theology and preaching. Tim and Liz are caring in their ministry. I consider them some of the best we have had here. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim and Liz as evangelists.

Angel Adams, Pastor, New Day Christian Center Assembly of God, Wellsburg, West Virginia

Our church has known Brother Tim and Sister Liz since 2005. They join us each year for a special church sing. Their ministry has been a great blessing to many folks at the church and to me personally. Their music touches hearts, and I believe Brother Tim has the gifts and calling of God to preach the Word. They are warm, loving people who love the Lord Jesus and will be a blessing to any ministry they are associated with. I recommend them to all churches.

Jim Cooley, Pastor, Morgantown Bible Church, Morgantown, West Virginia

Betty and I have known The Cawthons for over 12 years and we praise God for their ministry. The Paden City Church of God is always blessed when they come to the church. Their ministry is sound. Tim preaches what the Lord has laid on his heart and we do appreciate that. We need more evangelists like that. They have a great song ministry. They are welcome in our church anytime.

Adrian and Betty Cowgill, Pastors, Church of God, Paden City, West Virginia

I personally endorse and recommend Tim and Liz. Tim and Liz minister to the body of Christ through Southern Gospel Music and the Word. They have truly blessed our congregation as well as numerous congregations throughout several states. They are Godly examples of anointed ministry, not just entertainment. I can recommend their ministry to the entire body of Christ as co-ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Robert and Bonnie Muster, Former Pastor, Moundsville Foursquare Church, Moundsville, West Virginia

Brother Tim has spoken at our church several times in the past few years. He brings his excitement for the Lord to the pulpit. He is passionate about Jesus and passionate in his service to Him. His enthusiasm is contagious. His messages are biblically sound and compelling. Tim also has a music ministry with his wife Liz and that enhances his proclamation of the gospel. Our congregation has been greatly blessed by his ministry. Brother Tim's preaching would not disappoint any congregation that hungers to hear the pure Word of God.

Tom and Helen Rentfrow, Pastors, Abundant Life Baptist Church, Triadelphia, West Virginia

We would love to take just a moment to speak of the Cawthons. We have had them many times at our church, Chestnut Grove Church, on Big Flint Road in Doddridge County. They are wonderful ministers of the Word of God, and their singing is pure Holy Ghost filled! We have enjoyed every time they have blessed us with their company and hopefully will many more. If you are looking for spirit filled messengers of the Lord, contact Tim and Liz Cawthon.

Jeff and Phyllis McKinney, Pastors, Chestnut Grove Church, Big Flint Road, Doddridge County, West Virginia

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