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My Testimony
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I grew up in a family of 3 brothers and 1 sister. Our Mom attended a Presbyterian Church with her Mother and Step-father. At a very early age I had the desire to sing and was given that chance in the church choir. It certainly wasnít the type of music I wanted to sing but it was the start that the Lord had in mind. Our attendance wasnít golden but it was church. I really donít remember hearing much at all about witnessing for the Lord and didnít see many coming to Christ, but, the music was already influencing my life.

Upon graduation from High School I decided to do my own thing, I joined the Air Force. What a rude awakening I received. I was in rebellion against my parents, my Dad mainly, and thought that I knew everything. When you are 18 years old you kinda think you do know everything. I left for basic training in San Antonio, Tx, and after just a few days of training I thought that these people were trying to kill me. I was told to do things I thought that I could never do. I wanted my Mom and Dad to get me out of this thing and take me home, but that was not going to happen. After those long 6 weeks of training I returned home to let my parents know that they were right and I was wrong. But I still continued to do my own thing.

Through my travels in the Air Force I began to see the world. My travels included places like Vietnam, Germany, Norway, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Japan, Guam.  I am proud to say that I am a Vietnam Veteran.  Most of the places looked like back home but you knew immediately when they opened up their mouths to speak that we were not in West Virginia anymore. While in Germany my Mom began sending me magazines from Oral Roberts, the Abundant Life Magazine. I learned to hate receiving them and years afterwards, while watching super 8 movies that we had taken in Germany, you could see copies of that magazine laying on the floor next to the kids. My Mom prayed for me a lot, she had to, I was a tough nut to crack.

While home on leave from Grissom AFB, Indiana, on our way to Lehigh University (ROTC), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I was sitting on my front porch when my Father-in-law came to visit my Mom. On his way out of the house he said that if I ever needed to talk, he was available. The Lord had been ministering to my heart, for years, and now it was almost time to do something about it. My Aunt and Uncle were also instrumental in my conversion. When I would visit them they were always watching Christian TV (The 700 Club). A big man by the name of Ben Kinchloe seemed to always be on when I was around. He is my size and I learned to listen to every word he spoke. All of them, Aunt Eleanore, Uncle Bill, my Mom, Ben and my Father-in-law were doing the work of an evangelist for me. A couple of days after that statement, (about ever needing to talk), I called my Father-in-law. I met him at the First Baptist Church in Wellsburg, WV, and we proceeded to the basement. Every question that I asked him, I mean every question, he had an answer. By the time we were done talking I prayed the sinners prayer and asked the Lord to be LORD of my life.

When you start out in a Presbyterian Church, get saved in a Baptist Church and then migrate to an Assembly of God Church, and, get filled with the Holy Ghost, you know that you have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. I call myself a PresbyBaptaCostal and I let everyone know that if they have a hard time for the way I am, then take it up with my Father-in-law, itís his fault. June 1st, 1976 I became a believer.

I got out of the Air Force when my Dad went home to be with the Lord, to help take care of my Mom. During those next years I worked jobs driving dump trucks, laborer in a paper mill, a security guard at a golf course, an orderly on a psychiatric floor, and many jobs in a steel mill. Each job had a special training for me that, at the time, I was really not aware of. Since my job duties in the Air Force was in the administrative field, it helps me now do the office work as an evangelist. While working in the hospital, doctors would tell people coming to the psych floor that their problem was that book they were carrying (Bible) and that they should get rid of it. As soon as the doctor was gone I would tell the people that the Bible wasnít their problem, but their solution and my counseling skills were started. The Lord has a plan for each of our lives and if we allow HIM to make that plan real to us, then ministry is birthed. I became a brand new man on the 1st of June 1976 and HE has made the difference in my life. Why not ask the Lord to do the same for you today. Just bow your knee and ask HIM to forgive your sins, HE will become Lord of your life if you just ASK.....

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